Branches of libraries at research establishments MES RK

Funds of libraries of branch of the RSE Scientific library Gylym  Ordasy of MES RK contain over 615 thousand copies of literature. Funds in branches are created by centralized completing, each of them represents the industry scientific fund corresponding to scope of activities of research establishments.The main task of creation of branches libraries was the center and approach of necessary information scientific assistance to active and it’s expeditious use. Now the scientific library consist of 12 libraries, 4 of them are independent:

1. AARO «Astrophysical institute named after  V. G. Fesenkova» library. Fund 23.730 copies

2. RSE Institute of mathematics KS MES RK library. Fund 14.055 copies

3. AARO «Institute of an ionosphere» library. Fund 9.0251

4. RSE «Institute of botany and phytointroduction» KS MES RK library. Fund16.46 copies

5. RSE «Institute of zoology and gene pool of animals» KS MES RK library. Fund 30082 copies

6. ALL «Kazakh food academy»

7. ALL «Institute of geological science named after K.Y. Satbaev» KS MES RK library. Fund 33.331 copies

8. JSC KBTU JSC «Institute of an organic catalysis and electrochemistry named after D.V. Sokol’skogo»


1. ASE «Institute of mining named after D.A Kunaev»

2. All «Kazakh scientific research institute of soil science and agrochemistry after U.U. Uspanov»

3. JSC «The center of earth sciences,metallurgy and enrichments»KS MES RK library. Fund 15.440 copies

4. ALL «Institute of seismology»KS MES RK library. Fund 1885 copies

One of activities in service and promotion of funds of Scientific library are thematic exhibitions which has several directions are carried out:the exhibitions,organized to sessions, conferences and meetings on the problem scientific subjects developed by scientific research institute about life and activity of prominent scientists, exhibitions to large anniversaries; the exhibitions devoted to historical and cultural events of the republic to significant and to memorials.

   Head of department:

Momysheva  Alya Sautbekovna

Chief  librarian: Iskakova Aizada  Arynbekovna

Leading librarian: Zhetenova  Lazzat  Altaevna

Contact telephone number: +7272610034


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