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The RGP central scientific library "Gylym Ordasy" provides to MAUN RK'S KN from April 1 to April 30, 2019 test access to electronic resources of the IVIS company.

The company (LLC IVIS) works at the market of electronic resources for 25 years. Provides access to electronic versions of scientific magazines from Russia and the CIS countries, including editions on public and to the humanities, biology, physics, medicine, chemistry, agriculture, etc. and also access to information resources from the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan (books, scientific publications, statistical editions, the press).

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      On May 30, 2018, at 10 o'clock in «Gylym Ordasy» RSE Central Scientific Library a round table on the theme «Kazakh» newspaper – national spiritual voice” dedicated to the 105th anniversary of «Kazakh» newspaper and the presentation of the «Kazakh» newspaper – 1915 year» executed according the results of the grant project 2015-2017 will be held.

     During the arrangement, there will be discussed the questions about the significance of the national edition of «Kazakh» newspaper in the development of Kazakhstan science, as well as about the contribution of the leaders of «Alash» party A. Bokeykhanov, A. Baytursynov, M. Dulatov to the publication of this edition and questions raised in «Kazakh» newspaper.

     Kazakhstan scientists, doctoral students, undergraduates and students will take part in the round table.

Location: Almaty, Shevchenko Street, 28

«Gylym Ordasy» RSE

Central Scientific Library

Kaimakbayeva Karlygash (Mrs)   +7 (727) 272-83-41

Abikova Gulshat (Mrs) +7 (727) 261-02-70


BeyiskulovOn February, 8, 2017, in «Gylym ordasy» Central Scientific Library the book of «Prominent figures in Kazakhstan science» series dedicated to Toktar Abdrakhmanovich Beiskulov, the academician of the Kazakhstan Academy of Humanities will be presented.

Address: Almaty city, Shevchenko Street, 28.

Toktar Abdrakhmanovich Beiskulov was born in 1932, January, 15, in Karlygash village, Alakol region, Alma-Ata oblast (now Uigentas region, Taldykorgan oblast).

In 1941 he left a primary school in Tonkeris village, studied at the seven-year school, Furmanov village (Yessaly). In 1956, he graduated from the S.M. Kirov Kazakh State University, philological faculty (now the al-Farabi Kazakh National University), in 1966 – the department of journalism at the Higher Party School in Moscow city. In 1957 T. Beiskulov was a member of the bureau and deputy head of Komsomol Committee department of Taldykurgan oblast.

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