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   Free-of-charge access to Kazakhstan Virtual Scientific library is open in the Central scientific library of RSE «Gylym Ordasy ».  Kazakhstan virtual scientific library (VSL) provides an effective  search and access to millions of full text scientific articles. The site is available for teachers, students, scientists, employees of laboratories, innovators in science and technologies, working in research institutes and universities.
   Kazakhstan virtual scientific library (VSL) sponsored by National administration for nuclear safety of the Ministry of power the of the USA (DOE/NNSA), is a part of the greater program of technical consultations and trainings on various themes, including publications in the international journals and working out applications for financing of research works. This program is organized by the National academy of sciences,  Ministry of Education and sciences, DOE/NNSA and CRDF Global. The purpose of the program of Kazakhstan’s VSL is  distribution of scientific resources for research establishments and universities of Kazakhstan with the purpose of satisfaction  the needs of scientific community of the country.
   You can go to the site, via the site of the Central scientific library: <http: //>   and use the service of the library.
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