The main functions of the system of reference-bibliographic service of the library is the direct service of library users in "inquiry -answer" regime.

Service of information users is carried out on the basis of using the  reference-bibliographic device, important part  of which is reference-bibliographic fund  including 32- thousand of volumes of  domestic and foreign encyclopedias for all branches of knowledge, general and  thematic reference-books and dictionaries, editions of national bibliography (book annals, annals of journal articles, annals of newspaper articles, etc.) and publications of the  National Institute of Scientific-Technical Information (journals of abstracts and analytical collections), bibliographic manuals of the Institute of National Information on Social Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, NISTI, bibliographic indexes, journals of abstracts, etc.

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, electronic journals of abstracts on nonconventional data carriers-compact discs are used more and more widely. Databases (DB) created in the library are also used for requests satisfied. They are:

1. Digital catalogue of the library

2. Electronic fillings

    2.1. For priority trends of the development of RK science

    2.2. RK current events

    3) Electronic databases of thematic exhibitions of the library

             Main areas of the work of reference service:

- Performing of bibliographic inquiries with use of traditional and electronic resources;
- Consultations for readers on the use of bibliographic manuals;
- Work on formation of fund

The following kinds of services are granted to the readers in the Reference-information hall:

а) Reference-information services:
- Carrying out bibliographic references (oral and written);
- Drawing up lists of the literature for scientific and research works;
- Consultation for the  technique of carrying out  independent bibliographic search;
- Granting signal information to scientific institutes

б) Service

- printing of documents from diskettes, CD and USB-devices of users;
- copying of  documents of users on Copier Xerox;

- scanning of materials

Exhibition of new receipts 

Exhibitions of new receipts are the operative form of visual propagation of the documents of the library. The exhibitions are updated weekly. Literature is differentiated by kinds of editions. Visitors of the exhibition can order x-copies of articles, make out the order for getting  literature after its passing to the department of funds.

Our address is:
Shevchenko str., 28, Almaty
Phone: +7(727) 261-84-31

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