May of the 4th, in 2019 in the RGP Central scientific library "Gylym Ordasy" held the memorial evening for Bravach O.P. Workers of library and the former colleagues took part.

O.P. Bravach was born on October 28, in 1970 in the village Keys of Talgarsky district, in Almaty region. After graduation of the 10th class, he entered the Kemerovo State institute of culture, and he finished in 1992 as a librarian-bibliographer.

She worked In the Central scientific library from 1995 to the last days of life. She made a significant contribution to library for these years. From the ordinary librarian rose to the head of the department. Primary activity took place in departments of the Scientific bibliography and Help and bibliographic.

Bravach O.P. is a bibliographic editor about 20 which indexes appearing on the series "Biobibliografiya of Scientists of Kazakhstan". The author of the index which appeared in 2016 "National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. Chronicle of events" 1918-2016. Editor of the multivolume bibliographic index "World bibliography on an afidologiya of 1712-2007". Moreover part on collecting materials to different bibliographic indexes.

Articles of O.P. Bravach were published in the magazine "Biblioteki Mir", in the scientific and practical and theoretical collection and in the materials of the International scientific conference published in different years in Moscow.


In the RGP Central scientific library "Gylym Ordasy" was the presentation of electronic resources of the IVIS company took place.

The company (LLC IVIS) works at the market of electronic resources for 25 years, providing access to electronic versions of scientific magazines from Russia and the CIS countries, including editions on public and to the humanities, biology, physics, medicine, chemistry, agriculture, etc. Also provides access to information resources from the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan (books, scientific publications, statistical editions, the press).

The presentation was presented by the Sales and marketing director of the Company (LLC IVIS) Dmitry Ushanov. Research associates of KAZNPU of Abay, institutes of geology of K.I. Satpayev, zoology, seismology, an ionosphere, soil science and agrochemistry to them took part. U.U. Uspanova, experts of TsNB, etc.