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«Gylym Ordasy» RSE Central Scientific Library of RK MES, SC provides access to the database of the Springer publishing house.

SpringerLink is one of the world’s leading interactive databases of high-quality magazines, book series, books, reference materials and interactive archive collections. SpringerLink is an information resource for researchers, scientists in natural sciences, biomedicine, physics, technical, computer, humanities, mathematics, computer science and economics. SpringerLink is an effective central access point for researchers and scientists and has the following advantages:

Data composition: more than 2 thousand journals, more than 1 thousand continuing editions, about 37 thousand books. Including full-text Russian translation journals in English, published by MAIK Nauka / Interperiodica; Number of issued electronic documents over one million per month; Publications, magazines, articles are presented in full text, without embargo and with a deep archive (the depth varies from publication to publication); Presented publications from 1996 to the present; About 60 publishers in 20 countries; New collection of «SpringerBook», more than 20 000 headings; Springer-Verlag history of activity for more than 150 years: books and journals of scientific literature; Electronic and printed publications of such publishing houses as Urban and Vogel, Steinkopff, Birkhauser; Most journals include the ISI Institute of Scientific Information databases; New products: SpringerProtocols (Protocols), SpringerMaterials (Materials), Springerlmages (Pictures), Zentralblatt MATH (Central Newspaper):

New data: HumanaPress, CMG. BSL, Gabler, Vieweg, VS.

Annual increase in the number of e-books, new magazines.

SpringerLink is a valuable information resource for researchers, scientists, teachers, students.


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