Registration of readers, official registration and giving out the reader’s card is carried out by the loan system (the second floor).The registration is made on the paid basis. A constant or a temporary card is given out.

The right of usage is let to all the specialists, and to the undergraduate students (beginning from the 3rd year of studying).

To personal (or individual) loan system are registered the specialists having the scientific degree (candidates and doctors of sciences), the permanent residents of Almaty.

For registration to reading rooms it is necessary to produce the following documents:
-    the citizen’s identity card of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the citizen’s passport of any other state;
-    the student’s record book or pass  (only for the undergraduate students of the 3rd year studying);
-    1 photo (3x4).

For registration to individual (or personal) loan system:
-    the citizen’s identity card of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
-    a reference from work (not later than one week of giving it out);
-    a copy of diploma for appropriation of degree;
-    1 photo (3x4)

Re-registration of the users is carried out in the certain time once per two years.

Information on questions for registration and service can be got by the telephone: (727)261-02-29