1. The general regulations

1.1. The given Rules of the Central Scientific Library (CSL) usage are worked out in the accordance with the Constitution of RK, laws of RK: “About Culture”, ”About Education”, ”About the Government Enterprises”, the legislative acts on the library affair of RK, Charter of the Central Scientific Library of Ministry of Education and Science (MES) RK.

1.2. The Central Scientific Library is created in the form of the Republic State Government Institution.

1.3. CSL is the scientific, informational, cultural, educational institution, the Republic book depository of the natural scientific literature.

1.4. CSL is the generally available library, and provides its funds for the use via the individual loan system, reading rooms, interlibrary loan system, and by means of the remote access, for all the citizens of the RK and the other countries.

1.5. The library, bibliographical and reference information service in CSL is made free of charge. The enumeration of the additional paid services, rendering by the library, and the size of the payment are worked out by the Commission on the paid services of CSL, and confirmed by the Director with the consent of the Representative authorities.

2. The basic tasks of the activity of the CSL.

2.1. The basic tasks of the activity of CSL are:

-library-bibliographical and informational ensuring of the scientific institutions engaged in the spheres of science, production, education and state management;
- assistance in the development of science, culture, education and the other spheres of the social life, adoption of the scientific knowledge into practice, effective usage of the scientific potential of the Republic;
- execution of the research and methodical works in the sphere of the library management, bibliographical keeping, books keeping, scientific description of the rare books, manuscripts, and automation of the inform library processes;
- organization and providing of the library funds preservation.

3. The users’ rules

3.1. The users of CSL are entitled:
to receive the library documents from the library stock for the temporary use;
to get the complete information about the composition of the library stock and the availability of the specific document via the catalogue system  and card-catalogue, and by the other means of the library information;
to get the experts opinion in searching and selection of the inform sources;
to participate in the readers’ conferences and the other mass-inform measurements conducted by the library; to get the complex of services for additional payment with the list of which one may acquaint in the loan system or in the departments of the CSL; to put in proposals on the improvement of the library activity.

4.The users’ duties and responsibilities

4.1. The library user is obliged to:
- to keep to the given rules of the library usage;
- to be polite and correct in respect of the librarians and the other users;
- be exact and careful in using the books and other print materials from the library stock;
- to present the user’s card entering the library, receiving the order, and  as soon as demanded by the librarians;
-in case of loss of the user’s card to inform about it the registration point.

4.2.Using the CSL services it’s not allowed:
to hand over the user’s card and the control sheet to the other persons, to bring the bags, cases of any sizes, folders, files, packets, audio-video equipments, cinema-photo apparatus, books, journals, news papers, diskettes, etc. into the service zone not belonging to the CSL;
to bring in the personal computers without the special permission of the administration of CSL;
to come into the zone of service in the overcoats;
to carry in the products of food and drinks;
to take out the library documents from the departments and reading rooms without the permission of the librarian on duty and the proper mark on the control sheet.
The carrying out of the library documents without the permission is considered as misappropriation;
to break the stillness in the library, to use the cellular telephone or paging communications;
to smoke in the buildings of the library;
to hang out the materials of the publicity-commercial character without the permission of the library administration;
to do small retail trade, to conduct commercial or agitation activity;
to take out the cards from the catalogues and card catalogues;
to break the order of the fund arrangement on the shelves of open access in the reading rooms;
to make the marks on the book pages, stain, blot, cut out, remove, fold the pages, to use the copying paper, etc.

4.4. into the cloak- room are not accepted the large-scaled, household bags with the food products, lightly inflammable substances, the overcoats without buttonholes, valuable things and money.

4.5. The settlement of the debatable questions between the users and the librarians is carried out by the Head of the Department, and in the necessary occasions, by the Deputy Director or the Director of CSL.

4.6.The users infringing the rules of CSL usage bear the administrative, criminal and any other responsibility, envisaging by the legislation RK, the present rules and charter of CSL, and in case of the library damage are obliged to compensate it in the established order.

4.7. The users assuming the intentional damage, theft of the library documents and equipment, and repeatedly infringing the Rules of CSL usage are deprived of the rights to use it.

In case if any student infringes the given Rules, the administration of CSL deprives of the rights using the CSL services the whole course of the Higher Educational Institute, where the present student studies.

5. The librarians’ duties on the users’ servicing

5.1. The library servers the users in accordance with the charter of the CSL, Rules of Usage, and acting legislation of RK.

5.2. The library doesn’t provide and distribute any kind of information about the individual users.

5.3. The library is obliged to:
- to ensure the high level of culture service;
- to inform the users about all kinds of services including the paid ones;
- обеспечивать благоприятные условия для занятий в Библиотеке; to ensure the favourable conditions for the studies in the library;
- to study the users claims, and qualitatively, promptly and more completely satisfy them;
- to improve the library, bibliographical and inform services;
- to render the assistance in searching for the essential documents by the way of consultation, acquaintance with the inform-searching apparatus (catalogues, card-catalogues),ensuring the bibliographical publications, electron data base, and organization of the subject exhibitions and exhibitions of arrivals;
- to carry out the registration, storage and usage of the library documents in accordance with the acting legislation of RK, charter and rules of CSL usage;

5.4. the financial resources received as compensation for losses are spent for making good stock, the paper restoration or any other library property;

5.5. the librarians should be correct and polite with the users, keep to the given Rules of Usage, perform cleanliness and order, be careful for funds and any other library property;

6. The order of joining the library

6.1. the registration, arrangement and giving out the users card is made on the library loan system. The registration is carried out on the paid basis.

6.2. By registration is given out the constant, temporary or single ticket for the usage right of the individual loan system or for the work in the reading rooms.

6.3. To use the individual loan system are entitled the collaborators of the Academy of Sciences system, and nonacademic institutional collaborators having scientific degree, and residents of Almaty city.

6.4. For the registration and joining the library the following documents are necessary:
the citizen’s identity card of the RK;
a reference from one’s place of work;
the diploma of the conferment scientific degree (for the nonacademic collaborators);
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6.5. For the joining the reading rooms is necessary:
An identity card or a passport;
the official card or the reference from one’s place of work;
the student’s record book (for the students of higher educational institutes beginning from the 3rd year)
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6.6. On registration the visitor:
is acquainted with the Rules of CSL Usage;
fills in the register card or the users’ card; confirms his/her obligations about fulfillment of the Rules of CSL Usage by one’s writing the signature;

6.7. The user is given out the users’ card with the mark of terms acting;

6.8. The library user’s re-registration is made once in two years in the established terms. For re-registration is necessary to present:
an identity card or a passport;
the reference from one’s place of work;
the users’ card;
the student’s record book;
and to return all the literature taken earlier from the individual loan system .

6.9. The user’s card and the control sheet, receiving by entering the library are the main documents giving the rights to use the loan system and reading rooms services.

7. The order of receiving the documents from the CSL funds, and organization of the users’ services

7.1. On entering the library the user presents his/her card to the admittance point, and receives the control sheet where he writes down his name and the card number.

7.2. Entering the reading room or the library department the user should return the card and the control sheet to the librarian on duty.

7.3. Leaving the library the user should return the control sheet with the marks (stamps) of the departments and reading rooms to the admittance point without fail.

7.4. The control sheet is given out to all the library users.

7.5. For receiving the documents from the CSL stock the user arranges the form of the established specimen. The claim sheet filled in incorrectly or needing any additions are not accepted for performance.

7.6. The quantity of the simultaneously accepting claims -10 copies.

7.7. The documents are given out at the loan system and in the reading rooms by presenting the user’s card and the control sheet.

7.8. At the individual loan system are not given out :
- rare and especially valuable publications;
- the library single copied publications;

-the large-sized  publications;
-the publications on the electron bearer information;
- newspapers, maps, albums;
- the author’s abstracts and dissertations;
- encyclopedias issues;
- the publications from the subsidiary stock of the reading rooms;

7.9. The quantity of the simultaneously keeping publications for the user on the issuing points –no more than 10 copies of the documents;

7.10. The time of the books usage allowed -1 month, journals usage- 10 days. The user has a right to continue twice the period of the literature usage provided the absence of the claim from the other users. The user should return the claimed literature in the mere mention of the librarians. For an irregular return of the documents to the individual loan system is imposed a fine. 

7.11. The ordered and unclaimed literature is preserved on the issuing points only for 7 days.

7.12. On receiving the library documents the user should look through it, and on discovering any defects should inform about it the librarian on duty.

8. The library time-table of work

The working days of the library- daily from 9 to 18 hours.
The days off- Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
Sanitary day- the last Thursday of every month.

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