The Central Scientific Library is the leading center of scientific and bibliographic information in the republic. In 1950, with the appearance of the Scientific and Bibliographic Department in the library structure, a systematic compilation of retrospective scientific and auxiliary bibliographic indexes of problem-thematic orientation started. At first they were bibliographic lists published in the journals of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, and already in 1960 the library began to issue the retrospective bibliographic indexes series of a scientific orientation. The formation of bibliographic information resources in the Central Scientific Library is carried out in three scientific trends: social and human sciences, natural sciences and personography. Since 2001, the Library has certificates of registration of intellectual property for four bibliographic series: “Kazakhstan and the world community”, “Biobibliography of scientists of Kazakhstan”, “Prominent figures of the library business of Kazakhstan”, “Great persons”. At present the Library is working in the following scientific and bibliographic directions:

 I. Social and human sciences

1. Science and research in Kazakhstan

The main objectives of this trend are analysis and synthesis of the rich scientific experience and achievements accumulated in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the prospects for its development; forming the conception of the state of scientific work, as well as the introduction of the results of research into everyday practice; propaganda of the scientific heritage of Kazakhstan; comparison with the best practices of foreign countries. Since 1932 the Library has been preparing index “Bibliography of publications of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR (AS RK)” (1932-2017). For many years this index is the most popular and interesting for the scientific community of Kazakhstan.

2. Historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan

The main purpose of this series is identification, research and promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan; preservation and revival of printed monuments of history and culture through their popularization; studying the nature of the relationship of society to the heritage of the past; the awakening of interest in the history of the country. The significance of the series is in the research of topics through the analytical-synthetic processing of documents in order to create an integral bibliographic system.

Within the framework of this series, the following indexes such as “Kazakhstan in the editions of scientific societies. 1766-1955”, “Kazakhstan in the pages of the Turkestan collection”, “Kazakhstan in the Russian editions of the XVII-XX centuries” were prepared and published.

3. Kazakhstan and the world community

The main task of the bibliographic series “Kazakhstan and the world community” is to study in aggregation and generalization the domestic and world information on Kazakhstan international relations with other countries. The scientific significance of the series is to study the topics by means of bibliography of documents containing the definition of Kazakhstan contacts with the world in all its diversity, the specificity of Kazakhstan interests, in strengthening the relationship of RK with the countries of different continents; history of relations, prospects and strengthening of contacts (political, cultural, etc.) of Kazakhstan with other countries. Within the framework of this series such indices as “Kazakh-Turkish relations at the present stage”, “Kazakhstan-Russian relations at the present stage”, “Kazakhstan-Iranian relations at the present stage”, “Kazakhstan and the countries of Transcaucasia at the present stage”, “Kazakhstan and the Baltic countries, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine”, “Kazakhstan-Chinese relations at the present stage” were prepared and published.

  II. Natural sciences

1. “World bibliography on Afidology. 1712-2007”

In 2003, a unique collection in aphidology (science studying aphids), collected by the candidate of biological sciences Folkina M.Ya., was given to the library fund. It consists of a bibliographic card file and documents presented in the form of originals, prints, photocopies and microfilms. In the creation of this collection, the funds of two leading libraries and scientific institutions of many countries of the world were used. It included rare, ancient and unique documents that had become a bibliographic rarity. The uniqueness of the card index is in the fact that for the first time in the world the information on aphidology for 295 years has been collected, summarized and presented. The novelty of the work is that for the first time the world information on the names of aphid taxa in Russian, English, German, French and other languages is collected together, their national names were defined, etiological analysis was given, a catalog on the numerous names of aphid species was compiled. In 2004, the library started the work on a fundamental, multivolume annotated index entitled “The World Bibliography on Afidology. 1712-2007”.

2. Nature and natural resources of Kazakhstan

The purpose of the bibliographic series “Nature and the natural resources of Kazakhstan” is to reflect the results of scientific research in sources, which open not only research, but also practical goals for the use of natural wealth; bibliographic tracking of works reflecting the peculiarities of the state policy of Kazakhstan in the sphere of work with national natural resources. For the period since 1970 to 2018 over 40 indexes have been published such as “Water resources of Kazakhstan”, “Animal world of Kazakhstan”, “Soils of Kazakhstan”, “Vegetation and vegetable resources  of Kazakhstan”, “Ecology of Kazakhstan”, etc. Since 2004, according to the decision of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Central Scientific Library, natural bibliographic information has been reflected in a single bibliographic index “Nature and the natural resources of Kazakhstan”. The main purpose of indexes of this series is to give the fullest possible information on literature in many scientific fields, in which Kazakhstan scientists – botanists, zoologists, soil scientists, ecologists, biologists, geologists work. The indexes are of a reference nature for practicing specialists dealing with the conservation and use of natural heritage. They contribute to the development of research work of students, graduate students and teachers.

 III. Personography

 1. Biobibliography of scientists of Kazakhstan

The main purpose of the series is to show the role and place of the scientist in science, his contribution to the development of national and world science, and also to reflect the history and current state of Kazakhstan science on the example of activities of the prominent scientists of Kazakhstan. A certain amount of experience has been accumulated in the preparation and publication of materials of this series. Being started in the 1970s the index “Biobibliography of scientists of Kazakhstan” has expanded in recent years both in terms of the status of subjects included in the series, and in the methodology and technology of preparing publications. To date, the Library has some experience in this field. It has prepared and published over 200 biobibliographic indexes dedicated to the life and activities of the scientists.

 2. Prominent figures of library business of Kazakhstan

The main goal of the series “Prominent figures of the library business of Kazakhstan” is to familiarize the general public of the republic with the activities of library leaders and professionals who have made a significant contribution to the development of the library and bibliography in Kazakhstan. Such scientific and biographical collections as: “The daughter of the steppe”, “Life dedicated to the library”, “Selfless labor”, “Vocation is librarian” prepared and published.

 3. Prominent scientists of Kazakhstan

This series is intended to familiarize the readership with the creative, scientific and organizational activities of scientists who have made a significant contribution to the formation and development of science in Kazakhstan. The significance of the series is determined by a bibliographic study of the biography of the scientist. The Library prepared and published scientific and biographical collections dedicated to T.A. Beyskulov, M.G. Gabdullin, O.A. Zhautykov as well as the first volume of the scientific and biographical collection dedicated to K.I. Satpayev, the First President of the Kazakh SSR Academy of Sciences.

4. Ұлы тұлғалар (Great figure)

The prerequisite for the creation of this series was the historic event that occurred in Kazakhstan at the end of the 20th century – finding independence, which had a significant impact on the information needs of all categories of readers. There was a wide interest in the historical past of the country. It became necessary to fill the vacuum on previously, so-called “closed” topics that took place during the Soviet era. The Central Scientific Library has developed a great work in the bibliographic study of the life of the Kazakh intelligentsia of the early twentieth century, whose names in the conditions of the totalitarian regime were for a long time in oblivion. These are state and social and political figures, scientists, writers, poets, playwrights, teachers, publicists: A. Baitursynov, S. Toraigyrov, J. Aimauytov, M. Dulatov, M. Zhumabayev, M. Tynyshpayev, A.Zh. Mashanov, B. Mailin, etc.

 In total, 17 scientific and biographical collections were prepared and published by the staff of the Scientific and Bibliographic Department of the Library.

 More information about the bibliographic resources of CSL one can be find at in the section “Scientific bibliographic indexes”.

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