Department of scientific-analytical, methodical work

(a network of libraries at SRU)

Main directions and tasks:

– Analysis of the current state of the library business of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its forecasting

– Introduction of the advanced methods in the practice of the library

– Organization of the system of professional development of the staff at the Central Scientific Library «Gylym ordasy» RSE

– Methodological assistance in the main trends of library work

– Preparation of scientific and practical manuals

– Organization of the work of scientific and methodological councils

– Analysis of statistical data of the Central Scientific Library activities

The library network at the scientific research institutions

of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The funds of the libraries of the network of the Central Scientific Library, «Gylym ordasy» RSE, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan number more than 615 thousand copies of literature. The funds in the branches are formed by the centralized recruitment, each of which is an industry research fund corresponding to the subject of the activity of research institutions.

The main task of creating libraries-branches was the concentration and approximation of the necessary information to the scientist, the promotion of active and rapid use of it. At present, the CSL unites 10 libraries, 4 of which are self-sufficient:

  1. Library at «the Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling» SSE of SC, RK MES, fund is 14055 copies. – Leading librarian Taizhanova M.A.
  2. Library at «the Institute of Botany and Phyto-Introduction» RSE, SC, RK MES, fund is 16046 copies. – Librarian Tomanova A.K.
  3. Library at «the Institute of Zoology and Gene Fund of Animals» RSE, SC, RK MES, fund is 30082 copies. – Leading librarian Karymgazina Sh.M.
  4. Library under «the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition» LTD, fund is 2414 copies. – Librarian Baibosynova A.S.
  5. Library under «the K.I. Satpayev Geological Institute» LTD, SC, RK MES, fund is 33331 copies. – Leading librarian Tleubayeva A.T.
  6. Library at the KBTU «D.V. Sokolsky Institute of Fuel, Catalysis and Electrochemistry» JSC, the fund is 3323 copies. – Librarian Akhmetova Zh.A.


  1. Library at «the D.A. Kunayev Institute of Mining» SSE, fund is 20093 copies. – Librarian Omarova S.I.
  2. Library at «the U.U. Uspanov Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry» LTD, the fund is 11280 copies. – Librarian Aralbayeva S.A.
  3. Library at «the Center of Sciences of the Earth, Metallurgy and Enrichment» JSC, SC, RK MES, fund is 15440 copies. – Librarian Sadyrova Z.B.
  4. Library at «the Institute of Seismology» LTD, SC, RK MES, fund is 1885 copies. – Librarian Junisova M.M.

One of the activities in the service and promotion of the funds of the Central Scientific Library are thematic exhibitions, which are held in several directions: exhibitions organized for sessions, conferences and meetings, problematic scientific topics developed by the Research Institute, the life and work of eminent scientists, exhibitions for major anniversary dates; exhibitions devoted to historical and cultural events of the republic, to significant and memorable dates.

Chief library: Iskakova Aizada Arynbekovna

Contact phone: +7272610034


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State of the Nation Address by President of Kazakhstan 

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev


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